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How to Set Up a Web Page at Fasoldt Net

Our allotted space (at no extra charge) is 3 megs.  So if we can keep our individual Fasoldt Web pages below 100k for each person, we should have enough space for a few Fasoldts to have their  home pages here.

If you are familiar with HTML, you can use any web editor to construct your page. You can also use Internet Explorer or Netscape to make your page  -  I believe that version 4 of both browsers have an integrated web editor that's easy to use. Microsoft Word and WordPerfect also can produce HTML output for your page, as can other regular word processors.  Just type out what you want to appear on your web page and save it as a HTML file.  Look at it with your browser, then go back into your editor to make any changes.

You don't need anything else to put up a simple home page.  Just what you have on your computer right now.  And you don't have to learn any complicated FTP programs if you don't want to, although it is very easy nowdays.  You can even do it within your browser (I'm not sure about AOL).  Rance or I will be happy to do it for you.

Rance and I both use a WYSIWYG web editor called Splash.  It costs about $50 bucks and is available as shareware.  It's fairly easy to master, will do most standard stuff, but won't do frames.  There are also free web editors available and lots of shareware types.  I have only used a few, but I feel a WYSIWYG editor is easier for me.  You can also write HTML using just an ASCII editor, but you'll have to learn HTML first.  

Your Web page at Fasoldt Net would be in your own directory.  Contact Rance or John for your own sub-domain, such as mine below:


Other examples:


Your first page should always be named "index.html" - also remember that UNIX is case sensitive.   You should name all your HTML pages in lower case for consistency.

Web pages are uploaded by Windows 9x, or by a separate FTP client - some are available for free.  For the present, you will need to upload to me (I will set up a special directory for you at UnExCo.com for you to upload anytime you want) and I will set everything up at Fasoldt Net and upload your final page(s) to your Fasoldt Net directory.  

If you have a certain allotted space at your present Internet Service Provider, you can use that space, and have your Fasoldt page point to graphics or pages at your own ISP.  To see how this works, click on the Staats' Fasoldt Net page.  This takes you to Staats' directory on Fasoldt.Net, showing you his "index.html" page.  When you click on that page, it takes you to his main page at Ulster.net where all of Staats' graphics files are located.  The only graphic on his Fasoldt.Net page is the one you click on.

Any Fasoldts out there that also want their own E-mail address at Fasoldt Net should go to the E-mail Info Page or contact Rance.

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