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Special Note:  The company that hosts this website, cngs.com, has not charged us for the last several Email addresses we have requested.  So, for the present, there is no charge to set up an Email account at Fasoldt.net.

Fasoldt Net can set up regular POP3 mailboxes for any Fasoldt that wants to have an Email address using their own name - such as:


With your own E-mail address at Fasoldt Net, it means no hassles when you change Service Providers, as you always keep the same E-mail address at Fasoldt Net.

This is not a regular dialup access account.  You will still need your regular dialup account from an Internet Service Provider, and you connect (over the Internet) to your Fasoldt Net POP3 mail account.  POP3 mailboxes are the same as you have with your regular provider.  You use a regular Email program, such as Eudora or Express to get your mail.  If you use Eudora, you can set up your program so that you can access both your present Email account and your Fasoldt Net Email account.  Everyone will have a separate password just like they do now, so no one else can read your mail.  Your Fasoldt Net mailbox will have no effect on your present Email, you will still have your regular account.

We thought we could do this for free, but our host, cngs.com charges a one-time fee of $12.50 to set each account up.  Your userid will normally be your first name, (or whatever) unless it is already taken.  In which case, you'll have to square off with the present user of that name, or use your initials or something.

Contact me
to set up an account, and don't forget to let me know your preferred username and password.

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