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Fasoldt News and Announcements

The Fasoldt Family Message Board will soon be here.  It will be password protected and excluded from Internet robots.

The Fasoldt Family Message Board

The Fasoldt Times is temporarly down.  No date, as yet, for its return.   (posted 07/01/05)

Special Note about Fasoldt.net Email addresses, go here.

Check and see what Staats is doing..... (click on the strange writing for a slideshow!)

Here's a new version of the Fasoldt Crest - with the German inscription around the outside.
Fasoldt Crest

How to set up Your Own Home Page here at Fasoldt Net - go here

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Fasoldt Net has standardized on Family Tree Maker, from Broderbund Software, for our Family Tree Project.  Anyone with a copy of this program can view the Fabulous Fasoldt Family Tree in all it's glory!  Since there are several file versions of FTM, in order to save space, get your copy of the most recent (10/17/98) FTW file by contacting either Pete or John.  Be sure to specify which file version you need.

For those of you without the program, you can also request a printed copy.  I'll mail a hard copy printout to you, just send me your postal address.

The current version of Family Tree Maker is 5.0 and is available in software stores or online, direct from Broderbund.  This program comes in several versions.  Be sure to specify which file (4.4 or 5.0) that you need.

NOTE: I think there is a version 6 now.  When will this end?

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Fasoldt Family Files

          German fonts

Download German.exe (157k) for the Windows True-Type fonts displayed below.  Execute in an empty directory and install individual fonts through the Windows Control Panel.

German fonts

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    Fasoldt Paraphernalia

Want a Fasoldt Coffee Mug?  Well, we got 'em.  Or rather, I should say, Mike Fasoldt has 'em.  Mugs are beige with a black Fasoldt crest on 2 sides.  Take a look, here's a picture of one.  Mike will send them to you at $7.50 a copy, shipping included. Just contact Mike  with your order.  If you can't Email, the address and phone number is listed below.

Fasoldt mug
            Michael Fasoldt
50 Creekwood Square; Glendale
      Cincinnati, Ohio  45246

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Fasoldt Links

Fasoldt Tower Clock - at the University of Northern Iowa
Charles Fasoldt's Microscope, and his patent applications
The Maine Antique Digest - expensive watches, Fasoldt included

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